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Philosophy & Values

I was once thinking of starting my own yoga studio for gay men, but I wanted it to be so much more: part sacred yoga meditation spa, part bathhouse, part social gathering space for learning, laughing, and loving. 

These are the values I came up with. 

In order to create heart-center connections... 

WE BELIEVE our intrinsic instinct to have sex with other men, when done consciously, leads to friendship, family, and community. 


WE BELIEVE our attraction towards other men creates a unique culture that is fertile with possibilities for connection, brotherhood, and dignity. 


WE BELIEVE that sacred and protected spaces are necessary for men to explore the richness and bounty of our most fundamental self, our community, and our own values. 


WE BELIEVE in celebrating our uniqueness.


WE BELIEVE in the values of contentment, self-reliance, and communal responsibility. 


WE BELIEVE internalized heterosexual-supremacy found in society's standard narrative on sexual identity is corrosive to our individual and collective dignity. It must be faced intensionally to unlock the full expression of the spiritual and altruistic nature of gay men.


WE BELIEVE that the ancient traditions of meditation and ritual enable us to release what does not serve us and reveal our loving spirit and the ability to celebrate our true Self. 


WE BELIEVE in the healing power of of love, laughter, spiritual connection, sex, healthy bodies, enlightened minds, and open hearts.


WE BELIEVE that understanding and loving ourselves as individuals makes the world a better place for everyone in it.


WE BELIEVE it is imperative to offer transformational experiences for men to cultivate mindful, mature masculinity and to speak with an authentic, generative voice.


WE BELIEVE in the affirming power of mindful mature masculinity. 


WE BELIEVE speaking with our authentic voice is the key to releasing our burdens and supporting the growth of our brothers. 

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